Tim Capra

Owner/Head Coach

Education: Crossfit L1 and L2, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Bachelor of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Occupation: Owner - Crossfit Syndicate

I have always loved the competitive nature of sports from the time he started playing them in my early teens. I realized to truly excel as an athlete, and reach the fitness levels I wanted to obtain, I would need to not only find better exercise programs but also understand the science behind nutrition. I began to research and study many exercise programs and meal plans, and finally found Crossfit. I fell in love with Crossfit, so Garrett and I decided to open up a gym of our own. I enjoy writing all the programming for our members, and helping people grow to reach their goals.



Jeremiah Cooper


Education: CSCS Certified, Bachlor of Exercise Science

Occupation: Personal Trainer

I am from Riverview, MO and now live in Nashville. I have been doing Crossfit and Weightlifting specifically for the last four and half years. Before that I played Division 2 soccer at University of Missouri- Saint Louis as a goalkeeper. So I have been really weight training and training like an athlete since my junior year of high school. Before my move I was a strength and conditioning coach at Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville where I was the head strength coach for baseball, wrestling, and volleyball. I have competed in CrossFit 7 times and weightlifting 3. My emphasis is in weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk) however I am happy to help in CrossFit as well and have gained plenty of knowledge over the years.



Hal Fisher


Occupation: Student
Coach at Crossfit Syndicate
Crossfit Athlete

Competition, in any form, has always been something that I have loved.  After wrestling for 14 years, and placing 2nd place in the state of Tennessee, as well as placing 2nd in the Georgia Nationals, I thought I was going to continue on to wrestle in college. But in the end, I decided that it was best for me to stay in Nashville, and give up wrestling. Shortly after this decision, I came to Crossfit Syndicate and found a new outlet for my competitive nature. Since then, there has been no turning back, and I have loved every minute! I love the community here. They welcomed me and my sister with open arms, and I have received the best coaching. In the 2016 open, I placed 35th in the region after only 18 months of Crossfit. I hope to one day make the Crossfit Games.  My goal as a coach is to continue to help the members of our community, whether they are just starting out, or are a seasoned athlete with hopes of competing.


elliott lopes.jpg

Elliott Lopes


Education: Crossfit L1 and L2, Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Occupation: Online Content Manager

My name is Elliott and I’m a recovering Hot Chicken devourer and Halo Top Ice Cream eater…this is why I do Crossfit! No, seriously though, Crossfit had me hooked after doing my first burpee and the community of athletes that cheered me on to later finish my first ever Hero workout called “Murph”.  I moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music and had the opportunity to tour the world playing drums with some great bands and musicians. After several years of playing music I decided to do a 180 and become a Trooper for the Tennessee Highway Patrol. I worked as a Trooper but decided to get off the road and got a job being an Online Content Manager for a company based out of Nashville, which is where I work currently. One thing has remained constant over the years though- my love for Crossfit! You can find me at the gym before the sun comes up getting my workout in before my 2 kids wake up. No matter your age, fitness level, or sports background, Crossfit is for everybody and will push you to push past not only physical feats you thought weren’t possible but the way it forges personal fortitude and grit will carry over into your daily life.

Brian Rimini


Education: B.S. of Education, M.Ed coming soon

6th Grade Math Teacher
Head Football Coach

I have always loved sports, fitness and competition. After winning 2 football state championships in Illinois I thought my future was set. Two knee surgeries later I had to find a new competitive passion. I began Crossfit in my brother's garage in 2010. I moved to Nashville in 2015 and found Crossfit Syndicate. I fell in love with the community and coaching we received. Teaching/coaching is my passion.  From the beginning I've always worked to improve my power cleans. I love coaching that movement to others and seeing them improve each time.Whether in the classroom or in the gym I push others to strive for their best each day.