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"You can't out work a poor diet."

So you've been working out for a while and you some changes at first but recently those have slowed and you're wondering how you're going to dial it in.
Or... you're just getting started on your health journey and you're looking for the best path to a balanced, healthful lifestyle.
Or..maybe you're someone who works their tail off in the gym getting as strong and as fast as you can and now you want to get that cutting edge through your diet.

Well, we're here for YOU! Whether you're just starting out and have no clue what to do or you've been in the game for a while and just need that extra edge!

Who it's not for:

  • Someone looking for a quick fix.
  • Someone who is uninterested in making changes to their lifestyle.
  • Someone who is not open to new information or learning.
  • Someone who wants a force outside of themselves to do it for them.
  • Someone who just wants to deem foods "good" or "bad."

How it works:
- Fill out and send in our new client form. From there your coach will spend some time getting to know you and together you will set some goals.

** Best viewed with Safari. Once filled out, you can
either print and bring, or email directly to your coach.**

- With goals in mind, your coach will create a personalized plan for you to include daily macro-nutrient goals (how many grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat). You will be responsible for tracking your intake through a tracking app (i.e. MyFitnessPal) and report back to your coach weekly via an excel spread sheet.

- Each week you will have the opportunity to have a short face to face meeting with your coach with the intention of ensuring you and your coach are on the same page and your efforts are working towards your goals

We believe anything worth having takes time. No one gets lean or adds 50 pounds to their back squat over night. It takes time to learn the best habits and practices for you. For these reasons we require a three (3) months minimum commitment. After the three months you will automatically be put on a month to month membership which will require 30 days notice to cancel.


**Results may vary. Following your coaches guidelines and instructions is required for success.