"Forging the future of fitness"

Coached by Coach Melissa, youth ages 4-17 will have fun learning functional movement for life. With fun as the
priority, youth will focus on proper movement as the base, and build with dedication and team work. We
work hard, learn a lot, and play even harder! In a packed 30-45 minute class your child will go through a
warm up, learn a new skill (or add on to a previously mastered skil)l, go through a work out, and don’t
forget the GAMES!! All children are welcome, regardless of previous experience or athletic ability.

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Sample Workout:

  • Warm up: “Coach Says” (like Simon Says) with jumping jacks, lunges, sit ups, cluck like a chicken, etc
  • Skill: Forward Roll – a building block for pike push ups and handstand push ups
  • Work out: 2 forward rolls, 3 pike push ups, 4 jumping jacks(modify to box jumps for advanced), 5 front squats
  • Game: Musical wall balls